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Bid Title: Bucket Truck
Category: City of Burlington - Bids
Status: Closed

Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received at the City of Burlington City Hall Office until 10:00 A.M., on March 8th, 2021, at which time they will be publicly opened and read for the furnishing and delivering of a Bucket Truck. Please carefully read and follow the instructions. Bids shall be presented under sealed cover. Clearly marked with “Bucket Truck Bid” and bid submittal deadline date on the outside and mailed or delivered to:

City of Burlington
415 15th Street
Burlington Colorado 80807


Bids should be for:
(1) Outright purchase costs.

1. General Requirements:
1.1. All equipment supplied under these specifications shall be like new condition, in current production, and shall incorporate all modifications and/or product updates supplied and/or recommended by the equipment manufacturer.
1.2. The specified equipment shall comply with all State/Federal laws and regulations pertaining to vehicle manufacture, operation, safety and performance.
1.3. All equipment catalogued as standard is to be furnished with the unit whether or not specifically listed in these specifications.
1.4. All equipment shall be supplied with enclosed cab, heat and air conditioning, back up alarms, and “in
operation” lighting.

2. Technical Specifications – BUCKET TRUCK
These specifications describe the minimum requirements for a Bucket Truck. The Bucket Truck specified
will be placed into service for general municipal use within the ELECTRIC DEPARTMENT
2.1 2 Ton Chassis with a Regular Cab (White in color)
2.2 V-8 engine, Gasoline or Diesel (Industry Standard for Type of Vehicle)
2.3 Four Wheel Drive.
2.4 Automatic Transmission (Heavy Duty with PTO Provision)
2.5 GVWR 19,500 LBS
2.6 7,500 LBS Front GAWR
2.7 Spring suspension
2.8 14,000 LBS rear GAWR
2.9 Hydraulic Brakes
2.10 Park Brakes in the Rear Wheels
2.11 50 State Emissions
2.12 Minimum 30 Gallon Fuel Tank or Equivalent of Eight (8) Hours of Continuous Operation
2.13 Air Conditioning
2.14 Power Door Locks
2.15 Power Windows
2.16 Tilt Steering Wheel
2.17 Trailer Brake Controller
2.18 Back up Alarm with Outrigger Motion Alarm
2.19 Combination 2 Ball (10,000 LB MGTW) and Pintel Hitch (16,000 LB MGTW)
2.20 Set of D-Rings for Trailer Safety Chains Installed on each Side of the Hitch

3. Technical Specifications – Platform
3.1 Articulating Telescopic Aerial Device with a Fiberglass Upper Boom and Fiberglass Insulator in the
Articulating Arm and Proportional Joystick Upper Controls.
3.2 Pedestal
3.3 Single 2 Man Platform, Fiberglass (Insulated) End Mount 180 Degree Rotation, Minimum Working
Height of Forty Five (45) Feet.
3.4 Platform Mounted Single Handle Controls
3.5 Material Handling Jib/Winch, Hydraulically Articulating top mounted. Jib/Winch Minimum 100LB
lifting capability
3.6 Platform Step
3.7 Hydraulic Tool Circuit at Platform
3.8 Engine Start/Stop and Secondary Stowage System: 12 VDC Powered Motor and Pump Assembly for
Temporary Operation Should Primary Hydraulic System Fail.
3.9 Must Have A-Frame Type Outriggers with Shoes
3.10 Lifting Eye on Lower Boom with Lifting Capability of 1000 LBS
3.11 Winch Loadline with Swivel Hook

4. Technical Specifications – HYDRAULICS
4.1 Must have Temperature Sight Gauge
4.2 Standard Pump for PTO
4.3 Electric Shifted PTO
4.4 Machine Functionality; PTO Wont Engage Until Parking Brake is Set. If Parking Brake is Disengaged, Both PTO and Machine Functions are Disabled.
4.5 Standard PTO Transmission Functionality for a Small Chassis

5. Technical Specifications – TOOL BOX / STORAGE BODY
5.1 Metal or Heavy Duty Fiberglass Construction
5.2 All Vertical and Horizontal Compartment doors Must Have Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Hinges
5.3 Heavy Duty Strikers
5.4 All Compartment Doors Must be Sealed
5.5 Each Compartment Must Drain
5.6 Each Compartment Must Have Stainless Steel Latches with Keyed Alike Locks
5.7 All Compartment Doors Must Have Gas Shock Rigid Door Holders
5.8 Must Have Compartment Extending Full Length of Box for Hotstick Storage
5.9 Minimum 3/16 Treadplate Floor
5.10 All Compartments Must Have Adjustable Shelves with Removal Dividers

6. Technical Specifications – ELECTRICAL
6.1 All Compartments Must Have LED Lights Wired to a Dash Mounted Master Switch
6.2 Spot Lights Mounted on Each Door Post
6.3 Cab Mounted Spot Light
6.4 LED Amber Beacon
6.5 LED Directional Arrow Bar Mounted on Rear Of Truck
6.6 Lighting Package for Platform Controls
6.7 Stainless Steel Grounding Lug
6.8 PTO Hour Meter, Digital, with 10,000 Hour Display
6.9 6 Way Trailer Receptacle (Pin Type) Installed at the Rear
7. Technical Specifications – DETAILS
7.1 English Safety And Instructional Decals
7.2 Vehicle Height Placard- Installed in Cab
7.3 Dielectric Test Unit According to ANSI Requirements
7.4 Stability Test Unit According to ANSI Requirements
7.5 DOT Certification Required

8.1.1 Two (2) copies each of: operation, maintenance and repair manuals; detailed parts lists; electrical
schematics; hydraulic circuitry depicting various unit locations shall be provided by the successful
Vendor at the time the machine is delivered to the City of Burlington.
8.1.2 Prior to delivery, the new unit shall be completely serviced and all fluid levels checked and filled
with Manufacturer’s recommended amount and type of fluids.
8.1.3 The successful Vendor shall deliver the specified equipment within ninety (90) calendar days
from receipt of the City of Burlington Purchase Order. In the event the successful Vendor fails to deliver
the specified equipment by the indicated date, Vendor shall pay liquidated damages to the City of
Burlington in the amount of $300 per day starting with the ninety-first (91st) calendar day and ending
with delivery and acceptance of the specified equipment by the City of Burlington. The Vendor shall
have the option, in lieu of paying liquidated damages, of providing at the working site and at no cost to
the City of Burlington, a replacement machine of similar type and size and similarly equipped and in
satisfactory working condition, for use by the City of Burlington until the specified equipment is
8.1.4 A facility with extensive repair experience shall be identified. A minimum of two (2) employees
of this facility shall be certified by the Manufacturer as qualified to troubleshoot and repair the specific
machine to be supplied.
8.1.5 The Vendor shall guarantee to maintain an adequate stock of all regular parts to meet the
continuing service and repair needs of the unit furnished. Delivery of replacement part(s) shall be within
twenty-four (24) hours of request. All replacement parts shall be new and equal to the original.
8.1.6 The City of Burlington desires that the entire machine, including optional equipment and all
attachments, shall be warranted by the Vendor/Manufacturer against defects in materials and
workmanship for a period of five (3) years or 4,500 miles, whichever comes first. Warranty shall cover
the full cost of repairs including parts, labor (including overtime charges), transportation and travel,
miscellaneous and environmental charges, taxes, incidentals and any other charges incurred in order to
return the machine to full and timely service. Vendor shall serve as the agent and/or servicing dealer for
all warranties including warranties for auxiliary equipment and attachments. Vendor shall bear
responsibility for registration of warranties, compliance with installation procedures, investigation of
claims, obtaining authorization for repairs, return of parts for credit, etc. Vendor shall include the full
text of all warranties in the bid package.
8.1.7 After delivery, and prior to acceptance and payment by the City of Burlington, Vendor shall
provide Manufacturer approved comprehensive and detailed training for up to two (2) City of Burlington
employees. Instruction shall be geared to experienced operators and shall provide in-depth coverage of
the following topics: safety, maintenance and inspection, machine controls and systems, operating
procedures and techniques. Training shall include printed reference materials, visual aids,
demonstrations, hands-on instruction. Complete printed versions of training materials shall be provided
to each participant. This training shall be conducted at the delivery location and coordinated with the
City of Burlington, prior to the actual date of instruction.
Publication Date/Time:
2/2/2021 12:00 a.m.
Closing Date/Time:
3/8/2021 10:00 a.m.
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