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City of Burlington Tax Structure
The millage rate identifies the total aggregate millage rate levied for a particular parcel. Parcels in the same tax area will share the same millage amount.

A ''mill'' is a monetary unit equal to one one thousandths of a dollar. It is set by the representatives of a taxing authority each year to fund their jurisdiction's budget. According to state law, budgets cannot be set without public hearings for citizen input.

If the approved millage-levy in your area is 24.809601, and the taxable value (assessed value minus any exempt value) of your property is $50,000, then:
24.809601 times $50,000 divided by 1000 = $1240.48

In this example, the property tax would be $1240.48 for this parcel. Each year, the millage rate is reset according to approved budget considerations and revised assessments.

One easy way to estimate the tax is to round the millage rate to dollars and times this amount by the number of ''thousands'' you have in taxable value:

Millage Rate = 24.809601, convert to $25.00
Thousands of Taxable Value = $ 50,000, convert to 50.

50 times $25 = $1250.00 (a very close estimate to $1240.48)

Tax Schedule
Burlington is located in Kit Carson County, Colorado and is the county seat.  The schedule of taxes within the city limits for 2008 is as follows:
Sales tax
4.9% (2.9% city tax, 2% state tax = total of 4.9%)
Lodging tax
4% (only applies to lodging establishments)
Burlington / KCC mill levy total
87.49943 mills
School levy
36.157 mills
Fire District    
2 mills
Cemetery District  .570 mills
City of Burlington
8.80 mills
Kit Carson County
36.993 mills
Plains Groundwater MGM District
.08843 mills
Kit Carson County Health Service District
2.951 mills