Liquor Licenses


Obtaining a liquor license is a time-consuming process and generally takes 3 to 4 months, sometimes longer, to complete. It is vital for Applicants to contact the City Clerk well in advance of the business opening. In general, the Clerk is prohibited from accepting an application for a location that is closer than 500 feet from a school or where such business is prohibited by local zoning laws. The Applicant is well-advised to research proposed locations before taking possession of a property.

Steps in the Application Process

1. Obtain the appropriate application forms from the Burlington City Clerk. The Clerk will explain the application process and fees. If you are starting the application process from out of town please call the Clerk's office at 719-346-8652 and she can explain how to download the necessary forms from the State website.

2. Complete the application. Use the document checklist to gather all the required additional documents.

3. You must register your business with the State of Colorado and obtain a Colorado State sales tax number (if you are a new establishment). Visit the Colorado Department of Revenue website or call 303-205-8211 for more information. There is a Department of Revenue office in Colorado Springs where you can apply in person (recommended). They are located at 4420 Austin Bluffs Parkway.

4. If your business entails food service you will also need to contact the Kit Carson County Health Department at (719) 346-7158 or visit their website.

5. All owners/officers/principals/directors of the business, anyone with 10 percent or more ownership interest in the business, and onsite managers of the business must be fingerprinted. You can be fingerprinted at the Burlington Police Department, 719-346-8353 (there is an additional fee).

6. Submit the completed application with all the attachments and State and City fees (two separate checks) to the Clerk. We suggest that you keep a copy of your application for your records.

7. The Clerk will schedule a hearing with the City Council, acting as the Local Liquor Licensing Authority, and will notify you in writing of this date. Please note that per State statute the hearing can be scheduled no sooner than thirty (30) days from the date that your application is submitted.

8.The Clerk reviews and processes the liquor application, and posts a notice of public hearing on the property proposed for the liquor license at least 10 days prior to the scheduled public hearing.

9. At the public hearing, the Authority considers the application and will approve, deny or continue consideration of the application. The Applicant or the Applicant's representative must attend the public hearing.

10. Upon approval of the application by the Authority, the Clerk will forward the application to the Colorado State Liquor Enforcement Division for final approval.

11. Upon approval by the State Licensing Authority, the Clerk will issue a City of Burlington liquor license and provide the Applicant with both the State and City licenses. The applicant must post both licenses in a visible location on the licensed premise.

The information herein is a good faith effort to briefly summarize an extensive set of laws, regulations, and procedures. Persons seeking additional information may want to consult with a private attorney. It is the responsibility of the liquor license holder, agents and employees to comply with the provisions of the Colorado Liquor and Beer Code. To obtain a copy of the Code and other informational material regarding responsible liquor licensing, visit the Colorado Department of Revenue website.

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